SITAB is an Italian company capable of manufacturing a wide range of high quality abrasive materials for all kinds of grinding operations. Our philosophy is not only to maintain high levels of quality offered for affordable prices, but also to provide the greatest possible availability to our customers.

What we offer is:

  • Full assortment of abrasive tools (grinding wheels, segments, stones, files) made from the best raw materials: aluminium oxides (brown, pink, ruby, semi-precious and precious, monocrystal), and silicon carbides for machining plastics, ceramics and ferrous metals. Different kinds of microcrystalline grit can be mixed together for more sophisticated grinding operations.
  • Technical cooperation: with an experienced technical staff we can visit our customers to address their specific needs and optimize their production cycles. We develop solutions to meet the requirements of every single grinding operation, including small series.
  • Quick emergency delivery. We know perfectly well how production deadlines are difficult to meet nowadays. Since the manufacturers notice the lack of appropriate tools often at the moment of need, we are ready to start an additional production line.

In recent years, thanks to our managing skills, our tools gained recognition not only in Italy, but also in Europe, the United States, Middle East, India, China, and South America.

Feel free to contact our business agents that will walk you through every grinding issue and offer cost-saving programs.


Matteo Randelli
exclusive representative – sales & technical

Poland, Czech Republic & Slovakia

+48 602 132 879

+48 33 821 59 77

Michał Wnęk
representative – sales & technical

Czech Republic & Slovakia

+48 692 193 252

+48 33 821 59 77

About us

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